Persuasive Essay On Auditioning

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“Tuba number ten, please do not talk in this audition. If you have a question please step out and ask the door manager. Let’s begin! Please play your Bb major scale,” and “Drum major, is your band ready?” send me to an entirely new world of focus. My heart races when I hear these words. Everything I have ever practiced eludes me in these moments yet could not be more clear. The struggles I have dealt with in music have completely changed my view on every aspect of my life. Failure is inevitable in music, but the setbacks of auditioning, my musical walk, and my time in marching band have made success even sweeter than I could have ever imagined and have taught me a great deal about myself. Auditioning has always haunted me. The nerves build up regardless of preparedness and whether or not I can handle it could potentially be detrimental. Over the years, failure in my craft has taught me that fear is not an option. Fear has held me back. Being judged is all part of a musician's life. We go to assessments to be judged on performance and musical ability. The same thing goes for singular assessments. Auditions judge an individual for how well they do under extreme pressure. Auditions, to me, do not fully show the potential of an individual musician. For example, I can play a mean tuba, but when I get behind that screen I lose every ounce of musical ability I have ever known. For example, One time in the 9th grade, I auditioned for all district band. I had practiced for so long

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