Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is a heated topic in today’s America. Capital punishment is the repercussion of a capital crime; most capital crimes committed in America are murders. The crime of murder can be punishable by the death penalty. A great way to stop future killing from happening is capital punishment but it is only currently allowed in 32 of the 50 states. Murder in America is at such a high rate that there needs to be something done to help stop the climbing rate. In Edward Koch’s essay “Death and Justice”, he states, “A study at M.I.T. showed that based on 1970 homicide rates a person who lived in a large American city ran a greater risk of being murdered than an American soldier in World War II ran of being killed in combat.” It is hard …show more content…

The punishment of life in prison is not enough to deter a killer from killing. If there is capital punishment, the killer may think again before committing murder and weigh the risk of being killed him or herself. Smith later says, “The recidivism rate among executed murderers is a perfect zero percent.” (199). If a murderer is executed, there is no chance he or she can kill another human being. This alone is a big reason that capital punishment should be a part of all state governments.
For murders that are so horrific and heinous, the only equitable punishment for these crimes is the death penalty. A murderer who kills an innocent human being does not deserve to have the right to live. In Smith’s words, “Did Adolf Hitler deserve the death penalty or counseling?” (197). This question lightens the mood a little around the debate of capital punishment but it is also a serious question to consider. Hitler, who wrongfully murdered millions of innocent people, should not get the right to continue to live; his part in the Holocaust was so heinous that he deserves to be executed through capital punishment. Armstrong Williams comments in an article titled “The Death Penalty Vs. The Right to Live”, “By convicting King of a capital crime, they decided that when someone acts in such an heinous manner as King, we must remove that person from our society, just as a doctor would cut out a cancerous tumor.” A murder so wrong should not be punished by a

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