Persuasive Essay On Civil Rights

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American history is full of triumph, but it also has its fair share of low moments. The United States system of law is based on a Constitution that begins with an all encompassing statement. However, liberties were not always had by anyone and everyone; there’s been many problems that continue into today. American citizens’ civil liberty issues have improved, but they have not been resolved because people continue to hinder the less fortunate, the process by which people gain civil liberties is different for each person, and the American government will never cease to discriminate against minorities. The underprivileged often go unassisted by those who have the influence to help. Because “men do not . . . assume the task of opposing their [government]” it is impossible for minorities to have their voices heard (Source A). This quote uses logos to inform readers that those who are supported by the current state of the government do not oppose it, most likely in fear of not having the most or the same amount of civil liberties. In addition, throughout America’s history, the government has favored the same core group of people through their process of making laws. Because this group of people is, for the most part, never changing, it is near impossible to resolve issues regarding civil liberty. Similarly, during the Independence Day Speech of 1852, Frederick Douglass says that “. . . above [American people’s] . . . joy, [he hears] the [despair] of millions” (Source C).

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