Persuasive Essay On Crime And Punishment

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“Americans have always had ambivalent feelings about crime and punishment” (71). Many say our American System of Justice is broken, for they believe the system is looking to just punish those who have done wrong and is not looking to rehabilitate them, especially for juveniles. Then there are some who say, the American System of Justice does not need to change for it already punishes criminals with due process, and rehabilitates them. The American System of Justice should change the way they punish criminals, because those who are incarcerated for nonviolent crimes are taking up space in our prison system, juveniles are being put in solitary confinement and coming out more damaged than they were, and lastly some offenders are serving to long for the crime they committed. Solitary confinement is a big problem for criminals, for some end up being chronically ill, in which the criminal justice system should reform against this punishment. Research shows that “solitary confinement has been around since the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century”. It has been used for those who are imprisoned and break the rules inside. The little area you are put in called solitary confinement is locked down for 23 hours and you are only let out for a hour a day to have rec time and are able to shower, while inside “you do not have any reading materials, have no one to talk to, and are confined in a small space”. For many juveniles who are put in solitary confinement they

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