Persuasive Essay On Drones

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Josefina Sanchez Sarminto
English 1301
Jessi, Snider
Have you ever seen a drone or now what they are? Drone are a human craft without a piolet but UAV are ground base controlled. I will be arguing why the government should or should not use drones in everyday life because of military, changes the way we do things, to spy on people, and in agricultural. First, we have heard that the new of the united states presence talking about the Middle East, you will hear a topic very frequently worry with drone recognition. The government will be involved in the process of trying to use drone technology in warfare. We have read information about the usages of drone missiles attacks on bad people with was done by drones. In warfare, the usage of drone technology will be increasing. “Now drones are not gathering information, but are used to operate in combat “(“The uav”, 2012, P1). With the use of advances in technology quickly being developed, companies are now starting to develop an opportunity to size them. They are starting to build their own things to use for was but also for people in today’s world (Wolfgang, 2012, P1). Next, drones which are known as UAVs (Un-manned Aerial Vehicles), are vehicles that do not need a person physically being there to use drones.
There are several different ways to control the use of a drone. First, drones can be controlled with the use of a remote control and also they can be use by other technology. Also, a drone can

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