Persuasive Essay On Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction in the United States is an increasing problem, totaling at about 65,000 deaths in 2016, but who is to blame for this? Do we blame the government for fueling the opioid epidemic? Or Is the victim at fault here? A chronic illness that is characterized by drug seeking, and use that is difficult to stop and control, despite its harmful consequences. Most people, as did I, believe that they are too in control to become addicted to opioids, but the truth is, anyone can become engulfed and trapped by drug addiction.With an increase in opioid deaths and drug addiction, also comes the discrimination of its victims. Drug addicts are often misrepresented, and often denied their rights and human compassion that are needed to overcome this disease, as seen in their demonizing portrayal through the public, the government, and the media. Drugs are often embellished to the public through movies, tv shows, and songs; as teenagers, our minds are easily manipulated by this, which is one of the reasons that many substance abusers fall into drug addiction. There are movies such as Scarface, Pulp Fiction, and American Gangster, just to name a few, that are at fault for glamorizing substance abuse. There are also artists and songs, such as: Mask Off, by Future, or Drug Dealer, by Macklemore, again, just to name a few. A person can also fall into drug addiction because of emotional distress, low-self esteem, job stress, and peer pressure. Someone can also become addicted by

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