Persuasive Essay On Family Vacation

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Approximately 33% or a third of all families in the United States will go on a family vacation this year. Family vacations when you break it down is entirely for the parents. Parents and their children are stressed during the school year, whether it's providing for the family or homework. Family vacations may be stress reducing or enhancing depending on where you go, who you’re going with, and why you’re going.
Where you go can influence how your trip will be. If you go to an amusement park, such as Disneyland, you should expect to have some enhancement of stress due to lines, prices, or poor weather. However, if you are one of the individuals that get all sun and no lines, then you might enjoy yourselves. If you are traveling to a relative’s house or town, you may feel more relaxed if you like said relatives. However, if you have too many relatives or don’t like said relatives, you may become even more stressed than before you left. If you travel to another state or outside the country you are more likely to be relaxed if you go to your native language speaking country or region. My family has traveled outside of our home multiple times before, and we have even lived in a whole other continent, with different cultures and scenes, in Singapore. From Singapore, you have a wider range of places to go for cheaper than in the United States. My favorite places to travel have been New Zealand and the Philippines so far. When my family travels for fun, most of the time we end up enjoying ourselves if it’s planned well. The major problem with traveling outside of the country, and even states, is the time difference. Jetlag, or time difference, is when your body is accustomed to your home’s time zone and when you travel and there is a time difference your body does not adjust for what experts say one day for every hour difference. Compared to Texas the Philippines has a fourteen hour time difference, and New Zealand has a nineteen hour time difference. Jetlag can also affect your overall enjoyment of a family vacation because you have to be awake and not irritable in order to have fun. On the other hand, vacationing is not about where you go, but who you go with.
People who vacation have a multitude of reasons to do
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