Persuasive Essay On Foster Care

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The idea of foster care has been around since 1562 after the English Poor Law lead the development in the United States. In the following years three states took lead of the movement; Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. All three states individually took part in forming the foster care system into what it is today. In 1853, Mr. Charles Brace, minister and director of the New York Children’s Aid Society, started the orphan train movement, which consisted of over 150,000 orphaned children in New York City. According to National Foster Parent Association (NFPA), once children got to their temporary homes, some were cared for as expected, while others weren’t. Kids would sometimes be treated as slaves, were abused, and often forced to work long hours. I wish I could say the system is different now, however, there are still unlucky kids that get placed in unsafe homes. Although there are many aspects that can lead to a child being placed in an unsafe environment, there is one in particular I see that can be easily changed to help ensure the safety of the children. The current payment plan for foster care is taking a part in increasing the chances of children being mistreated. Right now foster parents can get paid anywhere from $20-$45 a day, depending on the kids age. Paying foster parents a set amount versus altering the payment based on necessities can cause foster parents to be overpaid, and will increase the chances of unsuitable

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