Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In december 15, 1791, the bill was passed and the second amendment was the right to bear arm. This was the second most patriotic law in the bill of rights because as americans we felt like we had the right to protect our own family from any harm. I believe it is right as humans to protect our own because guns don't kill people, people always have the power to do that guns are just a method of killing someone. The gun movement started in 1968 with the first gun control law to prevent anyone with felons from purchasing another weapon for over 49 years the united states has been combating gun control. It is important that we find the right law for gun control because some states gun laws are out of control to a point where anyone can purchase a assault rifle and many mass murders or school shooting have been committed with military weapons. According to gun archive there was 282 mass murders caused by gun violence, in these articles there going to explain how we can reduce gun violence and what would happen if we eliminated guns. The first article I chose was called police in schools makes student safer. Many people have suggested ways to prevent more gun violence like school shooting by adding police officers in schools or having teachers be armed inside the school. The first article stake from someone who does have. I believe that it would be a great idea for having actual officers inside the school instead of giving teacher the right to carry weapons because kids would

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