Persuasive Essay On Hate Speech

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In the name of free speech, hate speech should not be tolerated. Hate speech has devastating effects on the people and communities it is targeted at. Left unchecked hate speech can lead to harmful and violent effects. Over the past few years, the effects of hate speech used on women, homosexuals, ethnic groups and religious minorities have become more and more apparent. Hate speech can be very divisive in many of the situations it is used, depending on who interprets the expression can vary how people react, due to hate speech, not being easy defend when it does not hurt that certain person or community. If left uncheck hate speech can develop into harmful narratives that remain. While hate speech is not against the law, some have begun…show more content…
As of today, the supreme court has interpreted the first amendment to say “The First Amendment provides no protection for obscenity, child pornography, or speech that constitutes what has become widely known as “fighting words.” The First Amendment provides less than full protection to commercial speech, defamation (libel and slander), speech that may be harmful to children, speech broadcast on radio and television (as opposed to speech transmitted via cable or the Internet), and public employees’ speech.”(Ruane, Kathleen Ann) with this loose definition in mind many people have begun to think whether freedom of speech should be further limited to several cases seen in recent years such as what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Freedom of speech is a privilege in many countries, there are still plenty of countries around the world that do not have nearly as many rights as the United States. The rights given to the American people to freely assemble and speak as they please is not seen in often in countries and is a major advantage given to the American people. It can be a magnificent sight to have a group of people come together and gather to express their thoughts and opinions with the protection of their rights. Based on the opinions of the witnesses or the message being demonstrated by the assembly can change the interpretation and out come drastically. With the ability to freely
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