Persuasive Essay On Homeless People

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Homelessness is a large problem for Americans today. Each day, we see it, but what about the causes? The definition of a homeless person is someone whom is lives in a public place with no shelter. Homeless people must do things out in public that other people have the resources to do in the privacy of their homes. Many things come in to play when it comes to understanding being homeless. One problem that homeless people face is medication and sleep problems. Another situation is finding a job or income to support a shelter. Lastly, people who are homeless have types of diseases that they must face along with the troubles of no place to call home.
St. Mungo’s, a homeless shelter and outreach society, researched homelessness. They said that people who have a hard time falling asleep, which also includes sleeping on the side of the road or even having to sleep in a hotel room, have a rate of health problems that go over two to three times a person who has a place to call home. Even the rate of Tuberculosis is over two hundred times more than of the normal population. Some people have even said to had problems with diabetes and high blood pressure. Most need medication throughout the rest of their adult lives, even when there is no money for if they get sick. The team at St. Mungo supports over 2500 people a night who have no shelter.
Our economy right now is at the lowest we have seen in a very long time. People with various degrees are finding it harder to get jobs where

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