Persuasive Essay On Invasive Species Extinction

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Many are unaware of where invasive species originate from and what exactly is their motive. Approximately 200 years ago, invasive species were introduced to the United States in many forms such as plants, animals, and aquatic organisms (Armantrout 199-201). They are described as an alienated organism which could potentially cause harm to an environment or to one’s personal health. Invasive species have grown exponentially in different environments and research has shown that an invasive plant species has grown so large that it is equivalent to the size of Delaware, with plant invasion being as large as 100 acres. Invasive species could have negative effects, causing population declines or even more harmful consequences such as the extinction of a certain species (Lowe S. 3). Furthermore, invasive species should be eliminated due to the unbeneficial outcomes they have created thus far by creating stricter rules to eliminate unintentional outbreak cases of invasive species.
Anoplolepis gracilipes, better known as crazy ants, invaded areas such as Hawaii and Zanzibar in which the crazy ants have formed multiple queen-level super-colonies in the rainforest and oceans on Christmas Island. Over the course of just 18 months, crazy ants killed at least 18 million red crabs who contributed a major role in their environment on the island (Lowe S. 4). When the words invasive species are mentioned it could never mean a good thing because many, if not all invasive species will

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