Persuasive Essay On Marijuana

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Over the past forty-five years, the percent of people who believe marijuana should be legalized has grown by forty-six percent. Support for legalization has risen among all age groups. Mostly in those under fifty-five. Americans under thirty-five show the strongest support. Three in four adults between eighteen and thirty-four support legal marijuana use, as do six in ten Americans between thirty-five and sixty-four. Seniors remain the one age group for whom a majority still think marijuana use should be against the law. Supporters claim that the ban on the drug has proven unproductive, expensive, and irrational (Infobase Learning). During a speech at George Mason University in October 2015 Bernie Sanders stated he that he believes states should have the right to regulate marijuana the same way that state and local laws now govern the sale of alcohol and tobacco. Matt and Paige Figi were two ordinary people living an ordinary life but when there son was two years old when they got the news that they were pregnant with not one, but two children. Later to be known as Charlotte and Chase. When the twins were only three months old they had just had a bath and Charlotte was lying on her back when her eyes began to flicker. Doctors were not calling it epilepsy and could not find anything within her tests. The Figis were sent home where a week later Charlotte had another seizure. Although blood results and all other tests came back fine, Charlotte continued to have two to

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