Persuasive Essay On Nuclear War

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Can you imagine yourself getting evaporated in a blink of an eye? I know no one wants to imagine that, but it might become reality soon if countries still keep possessing nuclear weapons. Furthermore, these weapons of mass eradication are an upcoming threat across the world because of its capacity for destruction which is why I chose to tell people my opinion on this matter. Additionally, I adopted this crisis as my essay topic because nuclear arms aren't just a domestic problem; it is a dilemma on a global scale. My aim today is to give you my two cents on why the prohibition of nuclear arsenals is the right thing to do! To stop this emergency, I will need all my readers help in protesting in peaceful ways against the arms because as Martin Luther once said: “Nothing good ever comes from violence.” Moreover, here’s a question I would like you to answer, have you ever been jealous when someone you know has something, such as a video game, which you really want but you aren't allowed to get it? Sadly, I recognize that a lot of us have been in this situation before. In the same way, other countries are jealous the few countries with nuclear arsenals, and this hatred will lead to bad relations between the. Furthermore, this jealousy could lead into huge wars and may even cause world war 3. What you should do to end this is that you should tell everyone one you care about about the danger of nuclear weapons on our race. After you tell them that remember to

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