Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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According to the law dictionary, police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. This definition is extremely simplistic when we look at what is going on in the world today. We have seen children be murdered by a police officer, young men taken from their families because of a misunderstanding, and the worst thing about all of this, is it stems from an abuse of power along with stereotyping and racism. The job of a police officer is to protect and serve, and many people are finding it immensely difficult to trust those who are meant to protect us. This is an issue that I believe needs to be handled more aggressively; there should be grave consequences for any officer who partakes in unnecessary violence towards any person. Today many police encounters lead to death or extreme barbarity, and most of the time a minority faces the brunt of this abuse of power. It is an embarrassment that in a country that is suppose to be accepting and the “boiling pot” of all types of people, has such an issue with racism in the police force. We all want to be able to trust the people who are employed to keep us and our communities safe, and it is heartbreaking that people of minority fear for their lives at a routine traffic stop. It is heartbreaking that a mother of an African American teenage boy has to worry every time he leaves to hang out with his friends. It is heartbreaking that a mother had to watch her twelve year old son die

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