Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Every other week we hear about the police taking a life and how the suspect was thought to be “armed” or “dangerous” but quite frankly that's rarely ever the case. They’re usually “misjudged” or “mistaken”. Police brutality is a problem because police abuse authority, presents a double standard, show repeatedly documented excessive force, Coincidentally all the victims are African American males; Something doesn't add up. Police are “suppose” to serve and protect everyone no matter the age, sex, religion, or race but are the main ones killing us. Police use excuses like it was a “accident”. Yes, I totally agree accidents do happen but not when there are multiple bullets being fired. According to protocol police are trained to injure not kill! Standard Police officers have enough weapons, excluding firearms, to do their jobs and keep the peace. For example, pepper spray; known to be extremely effective and detain the suspect. Another weapon possessed is the taser; known to be immensely effective and detain the suspect with great force, not deadly but great! We even have the billy club. A couple hits with that thing would make any man back down especially an unarmed one! My question is why is the first reaction a gun when police possess many other weapons that are less likely to kill? Over the years, several cases show officers abusing authority where the suspect is completely detained and defenseless but yet still being brutally beaten; Why? One would argue part of the

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