Persuasive Essay On Police Violence

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The protest started with Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the National Anthem for police brutality so just because he did something small for justice means he should be unemployed and lose millions of dollars. So now most of the NFL players kneel during the national anthem. When Trump saw this he said the the players should be fired or the people that go there should walk out. When the NFL heard about this lot were outraged, all of the teams lock arms and stand close together some also kneels. Two teams stayed in their locker rooms when the National Anthem was sung. A National Anthem singer for a Titans game kneeled during the whole song she sung, as well a local singer for the Lions and Falcons game but for the most of the song he stood until the ending he knelt and held up a fist as he sang the last word of the song. This whole controversy is just messed up. Politics should not get into sports period and just stay worried about bigger things like North Korea. So why should he worry about the NFL. Politics should never be into sports because they are all private organizations so he should be telling them what to do. But why do people want to boycott the NFL, They aren’t disrespecting the song at all they just want to make a statement just equal justice and if people can’t see that then why get mad over something as little as that just because they won’t stand for the song. So just look at the big picture and understand why their doing this and not just on that

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