Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Whether the ACT and SAT, the two most prominent standardized tests, really matter is a heavily debated topic in today's society. It is believed these tests can get people ready to go to college but researchers have proven otherwise. Throughout the years, it has been proven that in the small amount of four hours these tests do not show the true potential these students have and do not make an impact on getting them ready for their future. The origin of the tests is outdated, beginning in 1930, almost a hundred years ago, does not even have the same meaning as it does in the current time. This test was first thought as a scholarship test only for ivy league schools. The students who took this test would receive scholarships basing solely off their scoring, the higher their score the larger amount of money they receive, and the lower the student’s score the lower amount of money they receive. Other non-prominent schools viewed the success of these ivy league schools to be based on the standardized testing, thus they adopted it in hopes of becoming more prominent. Other lower-class schools adopting the ACT and SAT test did not give all students the ability to get into college. They did not use the test as a means to earn a scholarship but as a requirement for the application. Now that even the lower class colleges set minimums, many people were unable to get into college, because they could not meet the required test score. The testing was not used to give a scholarship at this

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