Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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There are diverse capital punishment, the death penalty is one of them. Considered as a deviant and barbaric act, the use of this method reflects the opposite view or the wrong message of what the society teaches us. Encouraging the death penalty is not different from encouraging a murder and by operating in such a way actually violates a fundamental law set forth by the federal government which is “ Murder is an illegal crime”. For years, the death penalty has been seen as the best way to prevent assassination as it makes murderers reconsidering their ideas before they act. However, this method will always be considered as barbaric since it takes someone’s life. Moreover, we have learned through ages that death penalty has, for a few times,taken innocent lives. Do not people deserve a second chance ? Anyone seeks for it.After all, the freedom of living is the most basic human right that anyone dreams about. Nearly two-thirds of the countries throughout the world seem to understand how awful can this be for death-row prisoners and their relatives.They decided to stop using the death penalty. It has been literally abolished. Many countries still using this capital crime, as it is the case of the United States. The U.S government, the U.S military, and thirty-one States, including Indiana, have the death penalty in their federal book. In Indiana, the death penalty is only imposed to whom the crime of murder has been attributed and if it violates at least one of the

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