Persuasive Essay On Wealth Inequality

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If you come across a hungry man you have two options you either feed me him or teach im how to get his own food. For example, if you give a man a fish he’ll be able to eat for a day and then he’ll run out of food and be hungry again. However, if you’re able to teach him how to fish then he is not only able to feed himself with his new skill but feed his family as well. In this metaphor the “fish’ is representative of money and wealth in America. While the hungry man are people with low to median income in America. As a society it seems that no one wants to talk about wealth inequality and how fix it or at least make it so there is less of it. Now the best way to do start solving wealth inequality is by giving education to those who earn less rather than just giving them money. Education gives them the tools to be able to obtain more income. Although education does not solve wealth inequality it can only have positive effects on those who have low to median incomes.
First of all, better education is not going to reduce the income equality that we face in America today. However “[studies] suggests that improving education does in fact help the economic situations of poorer Americans, even though it does little to whittle away at overall inequality in the country”(Source A). The reason why it does not help overall inequality because at the top the wages are way too high and education will not bring them down. Yet, at the bottom education has a higher chance of increases wages

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