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Unless you are weighing a pride for life, the fastest way to increase your competence in power lifting is to get fat leaner if you lose.
After that, you should strive to get into the greatest weight class that you can achieve while maintaining a good body structure.
When you go up to weight classes, it may be less competitive for you for one or two years while acquiring muscle but in general a weight class will be more competitive in heavy in the long run.
Most people should not depend on water cut to make weight, but if you cut water, you should not cut 2-3% more than your body weight with daily weight or 5% of your body weight Weight a day ago Large cuts can be dangerous and potentially injury performance.
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[BCTT tweets = "The best weight class will be the biggest one, while still being full of lean"]
You feel that you are calm with the reaction, and it does not really matter if it is to understand the reasons behind it, feel free to go to the section on the water cut section. Just check out part 1 and part 2 of this series to get an idea of what weight class will raise and what you should aim for.
However, if this response is not comfortable with you, I'm not very surprised. It is often met with some push. If you move above a weight class, then you should be equally competitive, after all, to be more increased. You can hold your own in 165 (75 kg) - can not win, but still competitive - move up to 181 (82.5 kg), where people find it a work of a crazy a lot more Weighing up the weight
However, this is usually the best way to act, it means just frustration while working for some years to fill the largest weight class.
Many of my friends who are fond of weightlifting coach expression, "weight classes are high classes in disguise." I could not agree

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