Persuasive Essay: Prayer In Schools

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Prayer in schools Prayer can benefit students in education by students getting better grades, behavior and motivate to do better. Prayer during school gives students a little bit more hope, positive thoughts. However, school prayer has been banned since (1962); "Who says prayer in school is illegal?"(Booth). The issue about prayer has been active for several years. How can there be a negative view of allowing students to voluntarily pray in school?. Prayer in school sets students in positive mood. Students can pray on their own anytime they want. Prayer isn’t necessarily getting on knees and praying out loud. "Some people are saying we were forcing prayer on students, but that is not correct," (Booth). "It was not state-directed. It was not a formal religious exercise. The students weren't asked to bow their heads or close their eyes or do anything."(Booth). However prayer should be …show more content…

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