Persuasive Speech About Freedom

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Freedom We all gather here today as brothers and sister we all crave for the same thing, which is our freedom and the rights as humans. We are treated like animals, like were degradable or disgusting. Segregation is not right, I say. We have separate bathroom, school, and even on the bus, we are treated unequally. We should not be isolated by society because of our color, we are Gods children, we are all made equally. Whites and blacks should unite and be one, just as our four fathers did. we all bleed the same, we are no different inside. We all have dreams and we should all achieve our dreams. we all want to live peaceful and together like God would want us to. We want our black children to be running around with the white children without it being an issue. Our ancestors were Negro slaves they were tortured, raped, separated from their families, and worked like dogs, and now due to the Declaration of independence we are supposed to be treated equally and have freedom. But did that happen no we are still discriminated because of our color which should work jobs like the white folks and our checks should get accepted just like any other white folks. We are all gathered here for our future and our families to better them and to have tranquility later on in life. I know some of our brothers and sisters have been brutally attacked by the officer here that are suppose to protect their citizen but instead causing harm to their citizen, we are still citizen of America even
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