Persuasive Speech On Abortion

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The A Speech From 1973 to 2003 around 1 million abortions have been performed in the U.S alone and after the Roe vs. Wade case was found in favor in Roe which has led to a large controversy over whether or not an abortion kills a person. Today I will not argue over which side is right or wrong, but show you the facts and ethics of an abortion, and leave you the listener to choose whether or not to believe and act upon these truths. First the argument over abortion is not about women's right. Many people associate abortion with women's right but this is not the case. The argument for or against abortion lies in whether or not an abortion murders a person. Now with that context set we must now look to see first whether something is being killed and the answer is yes. Any Biomedical scientist will tell you that a unborn babies cell is different from that of her mother and if an unborn baby were part of her mother the cells of the baby would match that of her mother but it has been scientifically proven as a fact that a unborn baby is composed of entirely different cells than her mother. This meaning that the baby is an entirely different organism. Also we know something is being killed because the unborn baby has different cells meaning a entirely different organism is killed during the abortion process. Now we know that a unborn baby is not part of the mother and that something in the least is being killed. Now that it is settled that something is being killed with each

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