Persuasive Speech : Ophelia, By Bob And Jay 's Bed And Breakfast, Waiting For Ophelia Essay

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We all sat around the dining table in Bob and Jay’s bed and breakfast, waiting for Ophelia to show up so we could get our meeting started. These weekly meetings had switched to twice per month now that we’re in the summer season and everybody has more guests to deal with. I was in a great mood and wanted to share some happy news with the group. Ophelia showed up five minutes late, not bothering to apologize for her tardiness, and asked Bob to get her a glass of water. She then sat at the head of the table, in the same seat Bob had just got up from, and unpacked her pen and notebook from her bag. When Bob came in, he made a quizzical face to nobody in particular, then place the glass of water in front of Ophelia before seating himself at another chair. We started the meeting with Ophelia scolding us about our low reservation rates. I happened to know from others in the B&B industry that all of us were doing better than average. Nobody expects a B&B to be 100% occupied every day of the year. Even hotels and airplanes don’t get 100% bookings all the time. But Ophelia informed us that Molly expects 80-90% occupancy for the B&Bs that DoGeti is invested in. “How do you suggest we accomplish such an astronomical number?” Jay asked. It was hard to tell if he was being sarcastic, since his voice was usually a dry drawl, the same as now. “You will need to increase your marketing.” Ophelia said. She crossed her hands in front of her on the table and stated this in a

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