Peruvian Women Support Groups

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Movimiento Manuela Ramos (MR) was founded by a group of women who were previously involved with leftist parties and expressed a particular interest in social organization among low- income segments of the Peruvian population. Despite its polarized beginnings however, the movement did not maintain its political ties and promptly abandoned all previous political affiliations upon the official founding of the organization in order to ensure an impartial assessment of women’s issues. The founders’ interest in providing aid for low- income women inevitably shaped the movement’s program trajectory, driving MR to work with grassroots organizations and in opposition to feminist groups that only provided aid to middle class women. As such, the movement’s initial work began among working- class women, including those who lived in urban, working- class settlements as well as those who resided in the squatter developments that surrounded Lima, and focused on providing health, legal, and communication services for these women.
Flora Tristan (FT), on the other hand, had vastly different beginnings. Although it was founded by women who had connections to leftist parties, FT could not be more different than MR in its initial objective. Unlike MR, FT was primarily interested in determining the societal mechanisms that relegated women to a disadvantaged position within society and then explaining the unfortunate outcome with varying theoretical perspectives. To this aim, FT sought to

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