Philippe Pinel: The First Psychologist

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“I cannot here avoid giving my most decided suffrage in favor of the moral qualities of maniacs. I have no where met, excepting in romances, with fonder husbands, more affectionate parents, more impassioned ... than in the lunatic asylum, during their intervals of calmness and reason.”. This is a strong and very sincere quote from one of the first human psychologist of his era Philippe Pinel. Philippe was born on April 20, 1745 in Jonquières, Tarn, France. Having family including a mother in various high areas of the medical field the pursuit of the profession was not a farfetched one. Even though Philippe studied and mastered in the sciences he had a strong attraction to math.
Philippe selected a few schools and career choices in his lifetime. The first college that was attended was the Collège de Lavaur. Soon thereafter he transferred to the Collège de l'Esquille in Toulouse. Having decided upon a career in religion, he enrolled in the Faculty of Theology at Toulouse in July 1767. Philippe often sat and talked to various patients in his spare time. His kind spirit towards the mentally insane might have came from the death of one of his close friends. Who had went mad and ran into the countryside and was eaten by a pack of wolves in 1785. After this event Pinel devoted all his time and career path to mental illness and treatments
So in 1792 he became the chief physician at Bicêtre, the Paris asylum for the incurable insane men. While working there he had first

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