Physical Experience In High School

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Walking down the cold, smelly hallways of Dutchtown high School with my freshly ironed khaki pants, purple polo style button up, and new burnt orange and white saucony shoes, I was ready for school. This was a very unusually hot august day with a high of 98 degrees. As I got off the bus, I felt the sun rays beaming down on my head. I couldn’t get to the cafeteria door before I started to sweat profusely. The 7:25 bell rung to go to class. I walked to my 1st hour class and saw a short, baldheaded, dark-skinned man with a whistle around his neck. Before anyone could even come into the classroom, the teacher told everyone make sure their IDs are on.I sat in my desk and didn't pay any attention to what the man had just said. He began to talk about the importance of physical activity and the effect that it has later in life. Ten minutes into the class, the short man yells “get out of your desks and let’sgo outside!” Fairly confused we all got up out of our desks and slowly headed out the door. The whole class met behind the bleachers of the football stadium. “We will run a total of 4 miles today,” the man yelled. The entire class sent a wave of disgust and disappointment throughout the whole school. Looking like a group of zombies we walked slowly and unenthusiastically towards the high school’s field. The running track seemed as though it was staring at us with the look of death. I looked up in the sky and there was

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