Physical Therapy Career Paper

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Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to work with and help others. Now at that young age I imagined being a teacher or a veterinarian. As I’ve grown older I’ve discovered both those careers weren’t exactly what I wanted. My dreams have changed slightly but I do still have the same dream of helping others. I hope to go into the medical field and become a physical therapist. Physical therapy is a career that not only reaches my goal of helping others but reaches other goals I have developed as I’ve grown up. One thing I know now is that I want to be someone who helps people get back on track and become their best self. Along with that I hope to help prevent future injuries and issues. This career has grown very close to me as I have experienced, …show more content…

Not only do I get to work with people recovering from injuries but I get to work with doctors, medical staff, families, long term care facilities, and many more! I also am not restricted to working with a certain age group of people. I get to work with kids who suffer injuries to elderly patients needing therapy after a stroke and every age in between. Physical therapy provides a “hands on” approach to care and involves being very active. I have loved to be active my whole life, from sports, to hiking, to working out, I love to be always moving. That is another reason my future career is so important to me it give me the chance to continue to do what I love while helping others at the same time. I am excited to be able to share my passion for being active with all the people I care for and help them discover all they can do physically. Ultimately becoming a physical therapist fulfills my dream started as a child, to spend my life helping others become their best self. I am able to give back to others by doing something I love. This is why this career means so much to me, it gives me the chance to give back to others and help change their outlook on life. I want to be able to give them the possibility to do things they never imagined being able to do

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