Physician Assisted Suicide : The Heart Of All Medicine

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Do no harm. This used to be the heart of all medicine. But now our public is introducing just the contrary of this. When physician-assisted suicide becomes legal throughout the United States, no longer will we be stumbling on the fact that someday, somewhere, and somehow we will die unexpectedly or possibly expectedly, with everything the doctors could do to save us; but now we can die on our own guidance. Physician-assisted suicide is a debated subject that often divides the public between those who support it versus those who oppose it. There are some individuals who believe that patients suffering from chronic and fatal illnesses should be allowed to die on their own terms and in peace. And there are some individuals who oppose…show more content…
(Interview) The patients have their own decisions and wants on how they want to be treated, allow them to have a voice and speak for themselves. Everyone would like to be allowed a respectable, painless death, so we must allow one for everyone else who wants one. We cannot limit or accuse those who chose physicians-assisted suicide and the ones who don’t chose it, we have many medical advances today, such as nursing home and hospice care, but they are not always enough to cure or stop any pain that someone may be in; physicians-assisted suicide is the only answer to this problem. (Interview) Everyone will make plans to ensure that the end of our life remains in our own personal control. Just as we write wills to dispose of our prized possessions, we can make decisions about what medical treatment is acceptable and what is not. (Euthanisa) You can even choose someone to make your health care decisions if you are unable to. This is called the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or Health Care Proxy; and that individual you so choose should be someone you trust, who knows what you want, and will fight for your rights. (Euthanasia) In a survey of thirty thousand Americans over the age of fifty-five, sixty-five percent said that people with a terminal illness should have a

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