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As I began my junior year, I found myself juggling a rigorous academic schedule, varsity tennis, a social life and a new job. At first, I figured I could balance all of these activities. However, I became humbled by a 32% on an early Physics test triggering sheer panic regarding future applications to college. Knowing my grades needed to trend up as a junior, I dug down and did everything possible to improve my grades. I committed myself to a nightly study regimen consisting of intermittent on-off study blocks. Diligent removal of all distractions, including my I-Phone while studying was a major key. Also, I reduced my hours at work and often went to school early to meet with my teachers to review material. This action plan ultimately led to the improvement of my grades in all classes, culminating with a “B” in Physics and meeting my overall goal of a 4.0 GPA. Yes, I had failed a single test, but the real failure was not prioritizing and planning my activities proactively. The lesson I learned from this…show more content…
Pitt is truly in my collegiate “Goldilocks” zone, for me, it is “just right.” It offers a highly prestigious academic reputation, despite a very affordable in-state tuition. Pitt is small enough to remain personal, however, provides extensive amenities to deliver a large school experience. The campus offers many rural open park-like spaces, yet boundaries surrounded by large city life. Becoming a Psychologist is my ultimate career aspiration. Therefore, the top ranked programs and array of resources available at Pitt would provide me with every chance to make my goal a reality. During my recent visit, I instantly felt a connection that I did not experience at the other schools I visited. Panther Pride among the students I spoke to was evident, so I hope to be part of that experience next
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