Plate Reactionics And Plate Tectonics

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Plate tectonics, plate tectonics are a theory explaining the structure of the earth and rarely resulting in the interaction of stiff lithospheric plates that move slowly over the lurking mantle below. Plate tectonics has been around for about 3.2 million years, and still continues now. What does it do? Well plate tectonics are several plates that skim the top of the mantle´s bumpy interior layer on top of the core. The plates act like a solid and stiff frame in comparison to earth's mantle. The outer layer of the earth is called the lithosphere; the lithosphere is the strongest, toughest layer of the earth. Plate tectonics are a stylish way of continental drift. Continental drift is an assumption of the continents once moving around earth created by Alfred Wegener. Although we don't physically observe plate tectonics happening, it has definitely affected many things, created many things, and destroyed many things. Over time we see what plate tectonics have done. I am going to be explaining how plate tectonics have shaped volcanoes, how plate tectonics has shaped mountains and also how it has constructed earthquakes. Usually when the plates being forced together or being yanked volcanos are being formed. Have you ever noticed how volcanoes usually take place in the same spot as earthquakes? When the tectonic plates move apart from each other, burning hot magma rises and fills the empty areas in between. When the tectonic plates become one, one of the tectonic plates

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