Playing A Traumatic Brain Injury Essay

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Football players risk their lives every time they walk onto the field. Although, some players do not see the risk, because no one has informed them of the consequence. They are not aware that their next football game might be their last game or that their small headache could, in fact, be the beginning of a traumatic brain injury. The coaches are fixated on winning the game and they lose focus of their main priority, their players safety. Due to their lack of knowledge, the players do not receive proper treatment and continue to play. Acting as if nothing is wrong, they go to school and find themselves forgetting where their class is. Memory loss is one of the many symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury, or concussion. A concussion can be caused by one traumatic impact or many minor blows to the head; also, in some cases, it can be fatal. Preventing concussions is vitally important to ensure the safety of athletes in the future.
In today’s society, football is worshiped and the risks taken by the players are seen as signs of strength. Athletes risk their bodies hoping to win the game; however, it is not the gratification of winning a game that some players go home with. Off the field, some football players experience headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss and even depression. These are all symptoms causes by a concussion. In the eyes of a football player, a concussion is hardly important when there is a game to be won. It takes a lot of

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