Plumbing During The Roman Empire Essay

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The water toilet may be a modern invention, but plumbing has existed since 2700 BC with the civilizations of the Indus Valley designing the first plumbing system for its people. However, among the ancient civilizations that became vast civilizations, the Romans attained the use of plumbing and toilets into an art, so much that an individual from the past decade could go to Ancient Rome and understand everything about an ancient toilet easily, even if the lack of comfort might seem unsettling at first. When it comes to plumbing history, all roads, literally, lead to the Roman Empire. Plumbing technology, as well as, the plumbing profession flourished during the Roman Empire in such a way that was not able to be duplicated for one thousand years. The advances in aquifers, sewage, and drainage the Romans made, are still some of the same designs plumbers use today.

The Romans, as we now understand, had a slight fixation with aqueducts and baths, to keep their royal family hygienectically clean, as well as appealing, and Rome’s citizen’s hygiene up-to date; kind of hygiene freaks, they were. However, Because of this, plumbing became a profession in its own sense, and the ancient plumber became a trade that would be used, literally around the world. Indoor plumbing was not for everyone, only most wealthy could afford it, and they were charged for the use of public water, and the network that fed the water with a fee based on the size of each pipe they used (History of
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