Plus-Sized Fashion Models

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Are Plus-sized Models Changing the Fashion Industry In 2014, Calvin Klein cast a new model for their “Perfectly Fit” underwear campaign. She was a size 10, which is uncommon for a model to be in such a known label. With this knowledge the media mistook her as the new “plus-sized” model for the company, even though Calvin Klein never gave a clear statement on her casting. Recently, the campaign she participated in has resurfaced online and has caused a debate on what it means to be “plus-sized”.
For so long, there has been an assumption that to be a high end model you need to fit a certain mold. But recently, plus-sized models have been breaking through the fashion industry and leaving their mark, suggesting that you don’t have to
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There is a similarity to them. They’re all very tall and slender. Though plus-sized models have been used in high end labels for fashion shows before, there hasn’t been much commercial use of them until recently. With the “body-positivity” movement we’ve been experiencing the past few years, it seems that clothing companies have been more open to using diverse body types. As plus-sized model Charli Howard started a body-positive campaign called “All Women Project” after being criticized by her previous modeling agency. Though as fashion editor Nicolette Mason discusses, [it] has become trendy, but it’s important to remember it’s a work in progress for the fashion industry (Why Fashion Is Having Such a Hard Time Embracing Body Positivity, teenvogue.) A problem clothing companies have is how they have different ways to size their clothing, even labels under the same company branch can have differing…show more content…
[She’s] not the biggest girl on the market but definitely bigger than all the girls Calvin Klein has ever worked with, so that [was] really intimidating (Chernikoff, Leah. In-Between' Model, elle) Even though she is just a size 10, people considered her to be a plus-sized. Many are making an effort to change the ways of the fashion industry to be more considerate of other body types that form our society. Turning a blind eye on this issue affects us all. Not only does this have an impact on how people represent themselves, but also how people are viewed. If the fashion industry keeps exploiting one body type how will anyone feel like they fit in. The efforts plus-sized models are making to change what it means to be a “model” today are groundbreaking, giving a more diverse and broadcast of who forms part of our
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