Pocahontas And Benjamin Franklin : Tragic And Historical Events Developed During The Time Of American Colonization

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The beliefs which made the United States of America the prodigious country it is today, began during it’s early colonization-a time in the life of this great nation which is everlastingly remembered with pride. America 's foundation rested upon the ideals of diversity, innovation, and the ability to exhibit strength in the face of adversity; there are few who have embodied this vision of America more completely than Pocahontas and Benjamin Franklin. Tragic and historical events developed during the lives of Pocahontas and Benjamin Franklin; although their individual situations required very different reactions, both persevered, therefore granting those who came after them the ability to reflect on America’s beginnings with admiration and pride.
During the time of American colonization, tensions between the English and the Native Americans rose exponentially. The New World was newly formed, and both Englishmen and Native Americans found themselves in unfavorable positions while drastic transformations occurred in their relative societies. The land and livelihood which once belonged to the Native Americans, became dominated by these foreign Englishmen. The Englishmen left all that was known to them across the Atlantic and embarked on a journey to establish a New World from nothing, in a land called America. Nevertheless, Pocahontas, a young Native American, and Benjamin Franklin, a young American, found ways to turn their individual hardships into fortune.
As a young child,

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