Poems: Where You From? by Gina Valdez, Legal Alien, Elena by Pat Mora, ad Here by Sandra Maria Esteves

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Where you from? By Gina Valdez, Legal alien, Elena by Pat Mora, and Here by Sandra Maria Esteves are poems that have a similar meaning. This poems are connected by the same problem, can be cultural or language problems that the majority of the immigrants suffer. Every single poem have a different story and characters, but with the same problem. Those poems talked about the borders that the majority of the immigrants have, some of them do not feel identify with their new culture, however, others poems showed the language problems that the characters has. The points of those poems are basically the problems that the majority of the immigrants suffer: the adaptation to a new culture with a new language. “Here” by Sandra Maria Esteves. A …show more content…

She has the language border problem, something that is common in immigrants.

“Legal Alien” by Pat Mora is a poem that describes the life of a Mexican American girl, she was born in America but her parents are Mexican. In the poem Mora mentioned that she is “Bi-lingual, Bi-cultural, able to slip from How is life to Me estan volviendo loca” (Mora 370). She is caught between two cultures. She feels that she does not belong to any society, people from America see her in different ways “viewed by Anglos as perhaps exotic, perhaps inferior, definitely different” (Mora 370), but also Mexicans have a different opinion “ viewed by Mexicans as alien, (their eyes says “you may speak Spanish but you are not like me”)” (Mora 370). In this poem exists the cultural border, she does not fit either in America or Mexico “An American to Mexicans a Mexican to America” (Mora 370). She is confused about her culture, and has a cultural border problem.

“Where you from” is a poem by Gina Valdes showing a cultural border problem. This poem is about being from two different cultures. In this poem Valdes use Spanish and English, showing that she has two different cultures in her. Valdes mentioned “oranges” which symbolize California, and “Chilli” which symbolizes Mexico, two different countries in one person. In the poem she talks about the border “I didn’t

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