Poetry Is Often Used As An Outlet To Express One’S Feelings

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Poetry is often used as an outlet to express one’s feelings or ideas. Sometimes it is possible to find out a person’s mental state from reading their poetry. Violeta Parra was an artist in many senses including poetry. In her poem and song “Here’s to Life”, it appears that Parra is celebrating life but may hint at certain factors in her life such as racism, poverty, exhaustion, mixed emotions, and her love life that lead to her depression and impending suicide. An ironic tone is established in the poem by the speaker giving contradictions to the things she is grateful for. The first line of every stanza starts with the phrase “Thanks to the life that has given me so much” (1). This phrase alone seems to be genuinely grateful. The speaker …show more content…

It is suggested that the speaker may not happy with her life and expresses that with an ironic tone is when she is talking about being grateful for sounds. The first sounds she talks about are generally thought of as appealing sounds like crickets and birds. She then goes on and describes loud and unsettling sounds “Hammers, turbines, barking, squalls” (14). Very few people would consider these pleasant sounds and many would avoid hearing them. They also seem to suggest a low-income area that is perhaps near to construction or a factory. I do not know if the speaker is from a place of poverty but even if she is not, this section appears to be referencing poverty and poverty is reason to make someone unhappy. Exhaustion is another part of the speaker’s life that is that lead to the conclusion that the speaker was unhappy. This is when she talked about being thankful for walking. She names all of these cool places to walk such as beaches and mountains. She names places that allude to her having traveled all over the world and yet she describes her own feet as tired. If one was to describe their adventures they might say after a long day of walking they were tired but the way the speaker talks about her tired feet is not that they became tired from walking but that they were always tired. Tiredness is often considered a symptom of depression. The inability to find energy, even when one can travel all over the world would

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