Point Of Care In Nursing

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According to Cherry & Jacob (2014), “point-of-care is no longer nonessential but is paramount to deliver safe, efficient, high-quality patient care while accessing patient data and evidence-based guidelines” (p. 262). There are a wide variety of point-of-care (POC) devices which can be categorized as “transportable,” “portable,” or “handheld” (Louie, Tang, Shelby, & Kost, 2000, p. 402). Placing computers and handheld devices at the patient’s bedside allows nurses to enter pertinent data at the point of care. Documenting patient assessments, admission history, scanning in medications, etc. at the patient’s bedside saves time and “gives others more timely access to the data” (Yoder-Wise, 2011, p. 205). POC devices have improved the quality

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