Point-Of-View Narrative Analysis

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Point-Of-View Narrative Rough Draft Two (Dialogue) “Soda,” Darry began, “call the fuzz.” I walk over to the heavy phone and lifted it, just like lifting the hood of a car. My mouth is getting drier by the moment, as if I was in the middle of the desert. Every minute feels like hours and I can tell that Darry is getting desperate for Ponyboy to come home because Ponyboy hardly misses his curfew. I begin to dial the numbers 9 and 1 when the door flies open and I turn around to see Ponyboy standing there. “Where in Gods name were you Ponyboy? We were worried sick and about to call the fuzz,” Darry hollers. I see Ponyboy shifting his feet on the ground, and sweat running down his palms.. “I’m sorry Darry, Johnny and I fell asleep in the

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