Poke: A Short Story

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I huffed in annoyance as Soundwave placed me back on the wretched table. Flipping him the finger, I laid down on the hard metal table on my side so my back was facing him and closed my eyes.
I had no energy to deal with this, so I simply ignored him. I was too hungry and thirsty. I urgently needed a bath and a fresh change of clothes too.
I rolled to my backed and peeked one eye open to see what he was doing. He was sitting on a... What I think is a giant metal chair, his one arm propped on top the table and with the other poking me.
He titled his head a bit to the left when he caught me staring at him through my one eye. For some reason, it looked cute. My stomach growled and startled Soundwave a bit making me giggle. …show more content…

What the pit was I thinking! She was just a mere human!
Fortunately, I got a ping of a message from the drones, indicating that they had the resources that I told them to collect. Along with other things that human had needed that the drones thought the human would need it. Making me forget the thought I had earlier.
Ordering them to bring the supplies, I cleared the table of the datapads, empty and the full cubes of energon. Just as I was putting the empty cube to the waste vault, I saw my armor cleaner that resembled a human sponge on the floor, near to the table.
I frowned a bit as I pondered why it was on the floor and not located on the table. Suddenly the answer clicked in my helm. The human most probably used the sponge as a landing mat as she jumped down to the floor. I was wondering a bit as I was surprised to see the human on the floor as I entered the room.
The table was too high for her to jump down as it would result in several injuries and most of them severe. I didn't think about it much until now. Casting a look at the human, it was certainly a bit smarter than the rest of its …show more content…

Poking her side only hard enough for her to stir up from her recharge. She groggily woke, annoyed as she giving a little glare while rubbing her optics, trying to get rid of the sleepiness.
I picked her up before she could say anything and placed her in front of the boxes. She tilted her head a little confused at me before going to one the boxes and opening it. Her optics glinted in excitement, giving a little smile as she observed the food in there.
Quickly going to another box, she opened it and saw that it contained bottles of what I can predict was water. Grabbing one quickly, she opened the cap and drowned it a bit slowly as she somehow knew that drinking it quickly would give her a feeble reaction.
When she was down, she went back to the box which consisted of the food. Going through them a bit before grabbing one rectangle packet which I didn't know what it composed of, she opened it and put the strange item in her mouth.
"Thank you," she said not taking her eyes of the packet as she continued stuffing her face. I got a bit startled by the instant voice. But quickly disguised it and nodded to her direction. Looking up, she gave me a little

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