Police Brutality And Its Effects

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Police are supposed to enforce the law amongst people around the world, but unfortunately, some of the ways they enforce are unjust and unruly. Over the past decade, they have acted out in ways that have caused us to question whether or not they are fit for the job or if something should be changed. Police brutality is the malicious use of excessive force, often in the form of physical actions, but also common in verbal abuse and psychological intimidation by a police officer. The word “Brutality” is defined in various ways; in this sense, it is ferocious cruelty. “The term ‘Police Brutality’ has been used by the American Press from as early as 1872.” However, there have also been cases of police brutality in certain areas long before…show more content…
The second topic is how police brutality may possibly be a systematic problem rather than an anecdotal one. There is great evidence that displays how the police department and its training (boot camp) may be the issue rather than the individual cop himself/herself. The third topic will consist of an abundance of opinions and views from certain groups of people and what they do to prevent or encourage it. Police brutality is easily recognized, but can often be misinterpreted. There will also be several cases noted in this essay concerning racial profiling and the harmful relationship it creates between the public and the police.Does it seem justified that police can use brute force and unfair judgements to “protect” and serve the people of the world? Police brutality is an ongoing common phenomenon that hasn’t been solved since it started. Anyone of any race, gender, and skin color can experience the abuse from police misconduct. The fact of the matter is that these attacks and abuse go unreported or unnoticed by the public. Fellow police officers (that do not perform this act) are aware of this and genuinely believe the simple solution is to put a camera on those corrupted officers. Unfortunately, cameras are not a miracle cure for police brutality. Police brutality is a mental problem (within the police
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