Police Brutality Essay

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Police brutality in America is a serious problem that has caused many innocent deaths. On July sixth of 2016, a man by the name of Philando Castile was murdered during a routine traffic stop. During the stop, the officer asked him if he had a weapon and Castile said yes. He had a permit for it and as he was reaching for the permit he was shot and killed. This whole time his wife and kid where in the car and his wife was live on Facebook. This is just one time where police brutality has happened. It happens a whole lot more than it should. There are many other cases like this one including Mike Brown and Trevon Martin, who was murdered not by a cop but a neighborhood watch member with too much power. In the end, too many innocent people are …show more content…

(Cassisi) This could be one of the reasons that more of the people who are murdered by officers now are increasingly unarmed. “Likewise, across counties, individuals who were unarmed and shot by police had a much higher probability of being black or Hispanic than being white”(Ross 11). It is even said that there are less police murders in big cities like Detroit, and other major cities have less police shootings, than in smaller communities and towns, so the amount of police involved murders is not proportionate to the level of violent crime in areas. It appears that instead of being determined by the violent crime rates of an area, it is more of a lack of responsibility being held to the law enforcement officers for their actions. At present, it is the job of the FBI to collect information regarding deaths that are categorized as justified by police throughout the country ;however, they have a voluntary system where police departments can choose whether to submit data or not (Cassisi). From January 1 to December 15 of 2015, 1,152 people were killed by police in the United States. “ Black people were 25%(242) of those killed despite being only 13% of the population”(Ross). There is a 3 to 1 ratio of being shot by a law enforcement officer because of a person's race/ethnicity

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