Police Enforcement And The Minority Community Essay

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The power of authority allowed police officers to use brutality on many people, which turned out to be a problem to many Americans. Why do officer’s do this? It is still an unanswered question. The police in general have a bad scheme against the non-police officers and are more suspicious of minorities assuming that they are troublemakers and deserve to be brutally hurt than to be brought to justice. In addition, the United States court systems are backing up the police officers and showing brilliant favoritism against people, which in other words, gives harsh treatment and long presentment to the minorities. Their counterpart predominant civilians in this country are getting lenient sentencing and even most of the times are given opportunities to recoup their wrong doing activities. To fix this type of negative policing, United States needs to call for epidemic law revisions and spend trillions of dollars to reform policing in order to rebuild the trust between law enforcement and the minority community.

Police officers in the United States are placed with an enormous authority leadership role, and are let go without investigating their actions when they commit crimes, that enable them to abuse the power of authority. Therefore, a lot of innocent minorities suffer and become unemployed due to police officers ruining their records. Most police officers are too proud to have the power of authority, which forms them to have a bad way that enables them to abuse

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