Police Officers And The Police Vehicles

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“ To protect and to serve” that is the saying that police officers use, and it is on the police vehicles. They take pride to serve our community, take pride to protect our community, and take pride of wearing the badge on their uniforms. Our community wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the protection from them; if so there will be some disasters like some today. But yet, they get accused, getting name, and getting threaten for the things that happen consequently.
When I was growing up, I hear all these sayings that “police officers are bad”, “they’re miserly ”, “racist” and most common “pigs”. After hearing all these names and sayings, I grew to hate and fearing police officers because they took a family member to jail for personal …show more content…

For instance, my cousin joined the sheriff’s department after his service in the army. He has told me his experiences when he joined the sheriff’s department; he loves the law enforcement because he was able to help around the community and not just with criminal matters. But then, when he told me how sad it is when they get accused because they are on the front line and he said “ they get hated on because of a lot of injustices that happened decades ago.” He also says that there are still good police officers out there and not abusing the badge, but some people don’t see it because they’re to focus on the issues that makes them fear the badge.
No doubt, due to the issues back then caused us to call them “racist” and threatening them because of the issues we were dealing with the past. By doing all those things, it makes some of them scared from all the threatening and calling them names because they’re putting their life at risk. For instance, if a police officer shot a Mexican person, everyone is going to get crazy because he or she shot the Mexican person. If the officer shot the person, it wasn’t meant to kill them. Meaning, the officers will do their best not to shoot them because it is not their attention to do so. They do go through training or they leave the police department because of these issues and that is how we lose many police officers.
In fact, my officer told me “ once they hear that an officer shot a person; they’re already judging and

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