Police Opinion In Citizen Stops

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This is an annotated bibliography researching the opinions on police having the right to stop, question, and frisk anyone they deem suspicious. I am researching the reasoning behind police suspicion in citizen stops.
Alpert, Geoffrey P., John M. MacDonald, and Roger G. Dunham. "POLICE SUSPICION AND DISCRETIONARY DECISION MAKING DURING CITIZEN STOPS*."Criminology, vol. 43, no. 2, 2005., pp. 407-434, 220709211?accountid=13939.
This is an article by Alpert, Macdonald, and Duham they study citizen stops made by police under suspicion. They discuss some of the factors that play a role in suspicious stops such as, race, neighborhood location, and types of vehicles. All these variables play a key role in police right to stop and question, and frisk. One of the main elements in frisking is racial profiling. Another …show more content…

In the recent ruling made state court decided that police may not frisk in an encounter. Police may frisk if they believe that the citizen is involved in a criminal case or may be armed and dangerous. The article discusses a case dealing with two male teenagers that were stopped and frisked, they did seize guns by both male teenagers. But court declared that the search made by police was not authorized for a warrant because the search was not specific enough. Another point made by the case involving the two male teenagers, is that just because two black male teenagers walking in a neighborhood with a high crime rate makes law enforcement pin point them as suspicious. Many law enforcement officers are putting their lives at risk due to stopping and frisking, these rulings were made to protect the officer’s life. I will use the information discovered in this article as a reference to why stopping and frisking is unnecessary in many

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