Police Policing And Community Policing Essay

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There are a series of variations of the definition of community policing. Community policing is a system ran for police officers within communities so that they can become familiar with local citizens. In majority of cities, the relationship that is already between officers and community citizens end up going wrong because not the ‘right’ officer gets put where they need to be. State officials hire officers from small towns and put them in the city, or it’s the case where city officers are put into small towns. So there’s always an issue. It is said that community policing is effective, it is but just like everything else, community policing has many disadvantages. There are many pros and cons to community policing. A form of community policing includes neighborhood watching, and that in itself I believe has many cons. Which I would will further go into in this paper. This paper will review different articles on experiments that have been done to observe the fundamentals of community policing strategies.
Past Research Nigel Fielding (2005) stated that community policing has three definitions: it can stand for an alternative to a rapid response, neighborhood watching, or communicating with the public local citizens. The broad definition of what community policing is, is when officers are have built healthy relationships within the community, they know the concerns of active citizens, and they take action in order to fulfill community needs (Fielding, 2005). Fielding…
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