Policing Is The First Step To Take Place Inside The Criminal

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Policing is the first step to take place inside the criminal justice system. After arrest, the prosecutor dictates whether to take legal action against the perpetrator or to drop the case. While these cases are historically posed as using hard evidence to convict offenders, is this all that truly influences the outcome of a case? Gender, race, and class constantly are involved in influencing case’s outcomes and has created an unarguable social inequality in today’s legal system.
Social class plays a large factor in deciding legal outcomes. Wealthy defendants are obviously more able -than poor defendants- to contest evidence because of their favorable ability to hire skilled attorneys, investigators, and other highly skilled experts. Even …show more content…

In the criminal justice system, studies found that women, on average, are 15% less likely, than men with similar offenses, to be imprisoned (Barkan 360). This is a concerning amount of men over women being punished and causes hot debate over the intentions of the legal justice system.
Deterrence has been the backbone of the United States justice system for a long time now, yet does deterrence truly work? When people plan, or commit violent crimes are they considering the immediate consequences of their actions? Offenders do not typically weigh the penalties they may receive after committing a serious crime. Keeping this in mind, increasing the severe ness of punishment, ultimately, will neither decrease or increase the amount of crimes committed in the United States. Death penalty does play a larger role in the deterrence of criminal acts. The death penalty has been a hot topic regarding whether it should be a legal punishment or not. Many arguments arise from this topic including: is it moral of the state to take a life? Or what act of crime is deserving of the death penalty? And how much of a role does religion play into the decision of the death penalty? Deterrence plays a major role in the discussion of death penalty. No one wishes death upon themselves nor would be satisfied with death by the justice system. The death penalty ultimately does deter major crimes in the sense that a

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