Policing in Regards to Race, Gender and Ethnicity

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In the United States the issue of Policing in regards to race, gender and ethnicity has been an ongoing reform in which state and local legislatures have been dealing with as of recent years. Although there have been legislation on equal opportunity, the primary significance in promoting equality has been the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act is a federal legislation, which in part bars discrimination based on race or gender. Employers from local and state agencies are all affected by this legislation. To enforce and see that the legislation is carried out accordingly, the government created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, prior to the Civil Rights Act, we take a look back into the historical overview of policing within the United States. Policing in America is a transplant of English heritage policing model. During the early colonial times, formal police departments had yet to have been created. Over time outbreak social disorder and crime erupted causing for a more formal police to model. Formal policing model began to arise in the late 1800’s and leaders at the time attempted to reduce control of the police by politicians. As the 20th century rolled in, the focus began to latch closely on the thought of policing to be an actual professional force. Ultimately, as time progressed so did reforms to change the directive of police department policies. The reforms came at a time where police officers

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