Political Issues Facing America

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The United States has strived to be the strongest and most free democracy in the world, even though the United States truly is a republic. As a nation the United States have faced many issues that has greatly divided the nation, but we as a nation have been able resolve the most pressing of them. Today we face new issues that seem to cut deeper and push us farther apart.
There are many issues facing the United States. There true importance is widely debated, but some of the more prevalent are climate change, including droughts and severe weather, energy independence, income inequality, and governance equality. The most hotly debated among these issues is whether or not climate change or global warming is even real. The scientific community acknowledges that there is something that is making the temperatures around the world fluctuate from normal, even that something that is causing the changes is debated, whether it is a natural cycle or is a man-made disaster. Currently the most pressing issue is the inequality among governance and income. The middle class has shrunk and the upper one percent hasn’t controlled as much as they do now since the age of Rockefeller.
In December of 2013 Gallup polls recorded the lowest ever approval rating for congress at 9 percent (Congress Job Approval). Citizens are becoming more and more fed up with congress and their inability to pass even the simplest of legislation. The citizens of the United States are no longer only divided amongst

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